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About Us | Yashoda Mahila Mandal
+ (91) 9322298327 | yashoda.mm@gmail.com

Late Shri Annasaheb Padarang Patil the founder of Mathadi Act Maharashtra state. The great Mathadi leader and ex-Maharashtra state legislature fought throughout this life for the unprotected labours.As everyone knows behind every successful man there is a women and Mrs.Yashoda Annasaheb Patil was that women. Mrs Yashoda Annasaheb Patil was his wife. She died in 1968.The Mahila Mandal was named after her as a dedication.

Yashoda Mahila Mandal was founded by Dr.Rajeshree Hanumant Patil and Dr.Hanumant Annasaheb Patil in 1994 with the support of great Mathadi leader Late Shivajiroa Annasaheb Patil who had an aim of women empowerment. Yashoda Mahila Mandal is a registered non religious,non political non profitable organisation. The success of this mandal can be seen as organisation has 1600 members and due these members who did all hardwork and fought for each others rights and respect,organisation was awarded with SAVITRIBAI PHULE PURASKAR by Mahanagar Palika Navi Mumbai.

This organization has undertaken various initiatives in order to provide a better environment for the women. From social programs to cultural fests, educational programs, environment awareness programs, it takes pride in doing it’s bit for the society. Yashoda Mahila Mandal has also adopted several villages in Navi Mumbai

Yashoda Mahila Mandal also has various sub organisation like Yashoda Mahila Patpedi,Mahila Bachat Ghat,Yashoda Mahila Grah Udyog ,Yashoda Kalaniketan and Shivajiroa Annasaheb Patil Medical Charitable Trust..


  • To establish social, economic and political justice for women thought for Sustainable Development.
  • To bring about gender justice and equality for women
  • Women’s access to education, and increase their participation & in decision making and governance.
  • Upliftment of Social and Economic status of women in our Society.
  • To make every woman  strong, self Sufficient, confident & educated.


  • ’Savitribai Phule Award’(2011-12) for our social work from Mahanagar Palika Navi Mumbai by the hands of Mayor Sagar Naik(NCP)
  • ’Social Welfare Appreciation’ by Lions Club Vashi
  • ’Adharward Award’ from Mangal Maitri Sanstha Navi Mumbai by the hands of MP.Supriya Sule(NCP)
  • Social Welfare Appreciation Award from Khari Kalwa Belapur Shetkari Sanghatana Navi Mumbai